Our Team
  • Mr. Li Yaoqi President

    Mr. Li Yaoqi is the President of Founder H Fund Co. Ltd. He has successively served in UBS New York, London and Hong Kong, working in the functions of Counterparty Risk Management & Pricing, Global Asset Allocation & Strategic Investment, and Complex Derivatives Trading & Product Design. After that, Mr. Li held the position of Managing Director in Founder Securities, where he established frontier sectors such as Financial Engineering Department, Derivatives Department, Asset Management & Business Development Department, etc. Mr. Li holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Fudan University and a Master's Degree in Materials Science and Engineering with fellowship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

  • Ms. Li Xiujuan COO&CRO

    Ms. Li Xiujuan is the COO&CRO at Founder H Fund Co. Ltd. She has undertaken legal compliance work in the field of investment banking, equity investment, private equity funds, merger & acquisition, etc. at Tian Yuan Law Firm and CITIC Securities, with over a decade of experience in the financial legal compliance sector. Ms. Li graduated from Peking University, and obtained the vocational qualification for lawyer.

  • Ms. Cui Binbin CFO

    Ms. Cui Binbin is CFO of Founder H Fund Co. Ltd. She has worked at Datang Group of China as Chief Accountant,Director of Financial Center and Head of Datang Jianxin Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. Before Datang, she has worked in audit consulting department at KPMG. Ms.Cui holds a master's degree in Beijing University,CPA,Global Certified Management Accountants,International Certified Internal auditors, Ministry of Finance National Accounting leadership Reserve (Enterprise) .

  • Mr. Wo Feiyu Managing Director

    Mr. Wo Feiyu is the current president of Founder KIP Healthcare Fund, responsible for investments in the field of healthcare. He led multiple investment projects including BeauCare Clinics, PKUCare Rehabilitation Hospital, Shanghai Urtekram, Ascentage Pharma, etc. He has been dedicating his career in investment for decades. Prior to joining Founder H Fund, Mr. Wo was the vice president and general manager for strategic investment at Peking University International Hospital, general manager of the Strategic Investment Department at Founder Group and general manager of the Investment Department at Founder Technology Group Co. Ltd. (SH.600601). He was in charge of establishing Founder Group's investment management system, and participated in the acquisition and restructuring of PKU Healthcare (000788.SZ), Suzhou Steel Group, Zhuhai PCB, etc. as a core member. He led the capital market refinancing of Founder Technology multiple times, and has extensive experience in investment and financing as well as the merger and acquisition business. He served as the director at Founder Holdings (HK.0418) and a number of listed and unlisted companies concurrently. Mr. Wo obtained a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Wuhan University of Technology, a Master’s Degree in Management from Shanghai Maritime University and an EMBA Degree from Peking University.

  • Mr. Yang Hua Managing Director

    Mr. Yang Hua is the Managing Director of Founder H Fund Co. Ltd.Mr. Yang has 9 years of management consulting work experience and 16 years of TMT industry work experience.He has been selected into the global TMT expert database of the American Geli Group and is a special expert of Communication Weekly.Before joining Founder H Fund Co. Ltd,he was a partner of iResearch, and worked in China Telecom, CRC Consulting Group, iResearch and Shanda Capital.He has successively invested in HUNDUN University, Yonghong Tech, Spiritual Wealth Club, Kai Shu Story, Wu Xiaobo pd, the Better Life, Wonder News, SenseTime, Tiger Securities, etc.Mr. Yang holds a master's degree in international business administration from Shanghai Jiaotong University and an EMBA from CKGSB.

  • Mr. Pan Feng Executive Director

    Mr. Pan Feng has nearly 10 years of experience in equity investment, fundraising and investment banking. Prior to joining Founder H Fund, he served as Senior Vice President in CITIC Securities-Goldstone Investment and led the equity investment projects of Guiyang Bank, Beijing Transtrue Technology Inc., Sunray Technology, Chengdu Lu Chen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Dnion Technology. Mr. Pan holds a Master's degree and a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Renmin University of China.

  • Mr. Li Lei Managing Director

    Mr. Li is the Managing Director of Founder H Fund Co. Ltd.He has more than 10 years experience in the financial industry. He has worked as senior managers in publice-listed companies in both commercial and industrial fields, as well as the government agencies.Mr. Li holds a bachelor's degree from Hunan university.

  • Mr. Zhang Chaoqiang Executive Director

    Mr. Zhang Chaoqiang is the Executive Director at Founder H Fund Co. Ltd. He has more than 12 years of work experience in equity investment and merger of listed companies .Prior to joining Founder H Fund,he worked as the investment director at HUAWEI group and the vice president of information at listed company TalkWeb.Mr Zhang has led and participated in a series sales and financing of Huawei group and other companies. Mr. Zhang holds a master's degree in management from Dalian University of Technology.

  • Mr. Mou Jingrui Executive Director

    Mr Mou is the Executive Director of Founder H Fund Co. Ltd.Mr. Mou has participated in the research and development of first-class biological drugs in public-listed pharmaceutical enterprises, and has more than 12 years of investment, M&A and management experiences in the fields of medicine industry. Mr. Mou holds a bachelor's degree in biology and business administration from Sichuan University and a master's degree in international business administration from Fudan University and HKU jointly.

  • Mr. Yan Hang Director

    Mr Yan is the Director of Founder H Fund Co. Ltd.Mr. Yan has six years experience in enterprises and six years experience in equity investment. Mr.Yan holds bachelor's and master's degree in engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University and a master's degree in business administration from Tsinghua University.

  • Mr. Zhang Zilun Senior Vice-President of Investment

    Mr. Zhang Zilun is currently the head of the venture capital team at Founder H Fund. Mr. Zhang has more than 8 years of work experience in venture capital investment and financial services. Prior to joining Founder H Fund, he worked as the vice-president of investment at HAO Capital and an analyst of the Investment Banking Department at BOC International. Mr. Zhang is mainly in charge of early to mid-term project investment in the consumption, Internet and high-tech fields. He has led or participated in investment projects such as Youkeshu Group, Hi Guides, Urwork, Universal Education Group, Slanissue, Sheng Shi Long Teng, LP Amina, etc. He excels in helping invested enterprises achieve optimization in sales, operations, financial standardization, etc., as well as attracting talent resources. Mr. Zhang graduated from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and obtained an MBA degree. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Beijing Technology and Business University.

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